Silvie Paladino Sings “You Raise Me Up” at Telstra Dome

Silvie Paladino Sings “You Raise Me Up” at Telstra Dome

On Friday the 30th, Silvie performed to a packed stadium before the Melbourne Victory vs Juventus Exhibition Soccer match.

Thanks to Silvie and Mark Gogoll for the opportunity to arrange and produce the music for this event!

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  1. Louise Davidson says:

    I would love to get hold or a recording of Silvie singing this song and Your Grace Still Amazes me. Can you help with this request?

  2. Louise Davidson says:

    PS I’d like to watch the clip but it’s not showing on your site

  3. Craig Bryant says:

    Hi there.

    I’m afraid I don’t have vision of this performance unfortunately, nor an audio recording of Silvie performing it. My role with “You Raise Me Up” was as producer and arranger of the backing track see sang with at the Telstra Dome. I’m not sure there is a recording of her singing it. I’m also unsure where you might find “Your Grace Still Amazes Me”. You may wish to contact her official site directly (
    Hope this helps. Good luck.

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