Month: December 2009

Finding the roots of my passion

A part of this project of mine is to try and regain that spark I had as a kid. Even something as simple as playing a major triad once gave me goosebumps. In fact I can still remember the very first time I was one of three trumpet players playing a 3 note chord. I…
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2009 – “Yo Gabba Gabba” – Entertainment Store

Music production for the “Yo Gabba Gabba” live stage show with the Entertainment Store


PAXUS is closing on Christmas Eve, and will be open again for business on the 4th of Jan 2010. Wishing everybody a safe and happy holiday!


One of the things about my work which takes a while to get used to, is the lack of tangability.When a potter makes a vase, it is a physical representation of their skill. Evaluating this item is very straight forward.Even those of us that provide a service like plumbing, painting or deliveries, the results are…
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Me versus the universe

I’m sure many people have had the following considerations and feelings at some point, but I’m going to write it anyway……mostly because it’s hard to do, and therefore probably therapeutic. You know that phenomena when you are driving somewhere and it feels like everybody else is trying their best to block your path…..”Truman” style. It…
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The Artist Ego

I sometimes forget how fortunate I am that I don’t work for an employer. I’m spoilt after 15 years of being my own boss and probably would be a terrible employee. Working in a creative industry it is sometimes difficult not to take criticism very personally. Even though it is rare for me to have…
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My Mini Studio

A producers studio is his voice, just as a piano is to a pianist.As the technology has evolved over the years, I have been forced to go with it. It is almost impossible not to. Probably a good thing.In my Australian production room I use a Mac G5 with Logic Pro 8. Over the years…
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You might notice a certain lack of logo and banner going on at present. The site is still completely functional and orders etc are not affected.

Backing Tracks ordering system upgrade

For those of you that use my online ordering system, you will notice a couple of small changes on the order page. You can now enter the song and artist details before clicking on “Buy Now”. There is also a new field labelled “Additional Info” which can be used for anything you like. This is…
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December why start this blog so early?

Ok this is the last post I will write today. Just starting this blog has begun something very exciting inside me. It feels very official. By declaring this to the world and the universe beyond, I feel a little more committed to the task. It is 3 months until I officially begin my album. A…
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