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I, Pax make the following resolutions for the year 2010:

  • I will be the happiest and most alive I have ever been.
  • My wife and I will enjoy a whole new level of success in our respective businesses.
  • I will produce the best music I have ever written, present it to the world and have a postive impact on all that hear it. 
  • I will become much more pro-active in the promotion of my work and my business.
  • I will find and implement many more ways to earn income, including avenues like licensing, improvement to my web site, increasing use of Adsense and similar products, attracting more TV and Film work, thereby increasing royalties.
  • I will meet many new friends and contacts that enhance my life and boost my career. 
  • My wife and I have a positive, life-changing experience living in the USA for 2 months. 
  • I will double my income this year.
  • My wife and I will buy a beautiful new house this year, which more than accomodates all our needs, including a workshop, plenty of space and close to transport.
  • My brother and his wife overcome all their current hurdles and enjoy some much deserved success and financial relief. 
  • My TV pilot is picked up and I begin a succesfull, lucrative, and rewarding chapter in my career producing exciting arrangements and working with highly talented performers.
  • I improve my health, fitness and weight.