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Everything just IS

I guess I have never been an aggressively motivated business person.
It’s probably a combination of a shrewd business mind with that of an
artist which ultimately creates a success in this business.
I’m afraid I join the ranks of many artists with absolutely no
business sense. Its a challenge to get motivated in an area which
seems mysterious and overwhelming, but this is where I find myself. I
think there needs to be a steeper learning curve ahead of me than I
probably would be comfortable with.
Knowing what I’m like when uncomfortable and flailing I also know that
I need to adopt a completely new philosophy to go with it.
I was driving home the other night when it hit me like a lightning
bolt….. Everything just IS!
I refer back to my “Truman” analogy. Getting pissed about a slow truck
or a disrespectful person is stupid. I find myself dwelling on all the
problems with our society…believing that standards have dropped,
people are dumber, our world is more homogenized. This may all be true
but people probably felt the same way in 1914, and 1746. It doesn’t
change the way things evolve. We can live and let live or we can live
at odds with the universe.
Frankly I don’t wish to live in a perpetual state of war with the
world. It’s one thing to learn from what we know to effect the quality
of our future and its another to reject everything that is actually
happening now.
So I think this is something I need to really embrace. I want to dance
with what is, not wrestle with it.
I have the flu at the moment. I took the day off so I could curl up in
a ball and wait until my senses are all restored and the headaches
and dizzy spells went away. I’m still feeling crook and looking
forward to feeling on deck. A lot of work is building up and I think I
can start to really enjoy it all a lot more with a new philosophy.