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I’ve been a bit of a sad sack the last couple of days. Full of the flu and sore from a rotated disk in my neck and muscle tension as a result. I saw a chiropractor today and to my delight he reminded me very much of Allan Harper from TV’s “Two and a Half Men” who (for anyone who reads this and doesnt know) is a chiropractor. I had my neck and spine adjusted and immediately felt the relief. I’m going back next week for a check up but beyond that probably dont need to be a religious spine cracking junkie.

I’m suffering a little from cabin fever as I took yet another day off to recover. Having this chiro appointment at 12 noon sealed the deal. When I am flat out working I often crave a day vegging on the couch, but when I find myself doing exactly that, I kinda hate it. Wish I could make up my mind.

I called this post “Surrender” because this is what I need to do more than anything else. I am trying to reach 3 of my clients whom still owe me money from jobs completed last month. They are old clients and I know they will pay but I tend to become anxious untill the transaction has actually occurred. In 2 cases the money is coming from large corporate types which just means a long wait. The 3rd is a private one which I have known forever but I think they are struggling themselves and would prefer if I went away. I always resort to disabling my caller ID on my phone to ensure they answer my calls. Amazingly effective actually.

But all that said, I know that the moment I quit wrestling with these clients mentally, the moment I relax and surrender to the whims of the universe, everything will be ok. I never presume to know what “ok” might entail but I know it always will be.

“Everything is exactly how it should be”….another gem of a saying quoted to me by a great friend and mentor. I get a great deal of relief and comfort from this simple phrase. It’s right up there with the neck adjustment and codrol flu tablets.