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Change….The Only Real Constant

I’m still ill. It has been one of those annoying bugs which is dished out in stages. I would have expected to be feeling better by now but it looks like the third act involves a sore throat.
We have just had the hottest night in recorded history. The last 3 nights would have been crappy even without the added element of heat. Imagine being totally blocked up and then add 8 hrs of air conditioned air. Its like waking up after being stuffed with sawdust by a crazed taxidermist.

My heading for this post is “Change….The Only Real Constant”. Clearly I’m a little philosophical lately.
I’ve spent way too long, trying too hard to create constants around me, and whinging about the things in my world that are “unreliable”. It’s a lot like swimming against the current. Imagine how wonderful life would be if we could completely surrender to the ebbs and flows, if we could peacefully succumb to the currents like a leaf on the breeze. Imagine how much more enjoyable every moment would be if every obstacle was simply an event.

For some reason I have been able to adopt this philosophy much more while on vacation. When I think about all the adventures my wife and I have had when exploring Rome, or discovering downtown LA. A complication like missing a bus or getting lost was exciting rather than irritating….not that many things like this happened. Actually a lot of magic seems to happen when we are in this frame of mind. We find ourselves meeting great people, discovering great new places.

Lots of coincidences happen too. I remember one time in Venice when my wife and I had ten minutes to cross the city to meet our ferry. It was always going to be tight. We ran trying desperately to follow the St Marks square signs (for anyone who has been there, you’ll know the random signs I refer to). Long story short….we took a wrong turn somewhere and got lost. But miraculously we popped out….not at St Marks Square, but practically right at the dock where our ferry was boarding. It could not have been better timing. This is only one example of many scenarios where we seemed charmed.
It is my mission to adopt this way of life every day. Continuing to be at odds with everything, feeling threatened, stressed and unhappy for the rest of my days is unthinkable!