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Getting Real

Following on from yesterday's post, I sat down tonight to get into reality about what this venture will cost. It's a little scarey!
Here it is…

Feb-May mortgage = $2400
Feb-May Studio Hire = $3000
Tax quarterly payment =$1300
Misc home expenses = $500
Travel Insurance = $TBC
New portable studio gear & software = $3000
Mar-May Spending Money = $2000

$12200 total (not including travel insurance)


Not nice news! I'm disappointed that I have left it this long to do the sums.
Well this project is somehow going to happen regardless of what I can muster! But I have to somehow do my utmost to raise this money in 1 month.
There is every chance that my income will still trickle in from small jobs or sales over the 2 months away but it's in my best interests to try and cover it all before we leave. I wonder if this is even possible! Guess we will soon see!
Wish me luck, universe.