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I’m a Massive Pain In My Own Arse!

Yep that’s right.

I am not entirely sure how my wife puts up with my crap.

The big issue on the table at present is……surprise!, money. Like usual I take these issues and allow them to consume me. Gone (it would seem) are those days where I can co-exist with hurdles, and live a normal, happy, fulfulling life.

Like I have mentioned multiple times before, I manage to manifest the dumbest obstacles these days. Work has been constant. In fact I have picked up a nice pile of work today which helps me on my way toward that monetary goal. Will I make it? I’m not sure. It’s so hard to predict. Either way, I have no real reason to be getting so embroiled in stress and worry.
I need to get out of my own way and just enjoy my life.

Also on the money front…..I did manage to raise my credit limit on one of my credit cards. This has been a good ‘plan B’ result.

Not much else to say tonight. Internet connection is slow and so is my brain.