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Pluggin along….

Work has continued to flow well. I don’t know exactly how the next 4 weeks is going to pan out, but then again, I am rarely booked ahead more than a couple of weeks. So I can’t really expect to know.

Some tardy payments have finally turned up, and some elusive clients have re-surfaced after Christmas. So I am feeling a much greater sense of ease.

The TV pilot I was involved in, is still out there. Soon the producers will be re-pitching to the networks. I am not holding my breath with this, and I’m glad I was partially paid. If something comes of this, then it’s a bonus.

To help my cause, I am selling some gear on Ebay. In the next few weeks, I will begin to put together my new studio.
Still no idea how close I will get to my financial goal, but I atleast feel that I will have the opportunity to give it a good crack!
I guess the last few posts have been less philosophical and more plain venting, but I intend on getting to the real stuff soon. Yes this blog is not yet the kind of thing I had originally planned. The subject is after all music, and producing an album.
Very soon I will be able to start posting music, photos and maybe even video, as I actually start production.