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Baby studio begins..

Well it has turned out to be a very solid few weeks, with no real sign of relenting anytime soon.
I have stayed on top of the work….just. I'm glad to be so engaged when money is a priority this month.
Without referring back to previous posts I'm not sure if I am repeating myself here in parts but hey…it's not like these posts are epics.
I have managed to shave a little more from my expenses by requesting a reduced room hire rate at my studio facility. I have also sold some gear on ebay with good results.
I have ordered my logic studio upgrade. Remaining items are:
keyboard controller (25 or 49 keys should fit in my suitcase)
Mbox 2: I've found units available for $520 and plan to sort this out through next week.

The macbook will happen in the US.

My wife is feeling the stress of putting her course together for her teaching job at IU, but it is shaping up very well and we already know that her course is going to exceed their expectations. So it is just a matter of getting all the material together.

So both of us will feel much better when everything is sorted and in it's place.

Not long now.