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Progress Report

Well there are 2 weeks to go before we leave for the USA. I am really looking forward to it.
My visa was approved, my gear has all arrived and I think I have met my financial goal too…..a little unbelievable but it seems to have happened! I have to go back and check the figures but I seem to be in good shape. A few good deals and alternate equipment choices helped me shave some bucks off here and there but I’m happy to say that I didn’t compromise on quality. All the gear is still very high end.

I decided to use some of my frequent flyer points to buy a new suitcase. I needed one which could accomodate my new midi keyboard. Qantas offers great deals if you buy their own branded luggage. They promise a 10 day delivery turnaround so I am hoping for a smooth and timely transaction. It would suck if i missed them.
My wife’s preparations are in good stead too so we are both just working tie everything up neatly before we go.
We both seem to be highly strung still though. The challenge seems to be closing the book on some projects (which for me includes this intensive revenue raising period). Even though everything is fine it is hard to feel that way. We need to make a strong affirmation like this:
On Mar 1st our life in Melbourne is on hold for 2 months. We are prepared, excited, and ready to go. We will dive into our adventure and grab it with both hands. We will be inspired, productive, happy and prosperous.