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Well we are fast approaching our departure date!
I have all of my mini-studio components together (except the notebook which I’m buying in the US), and I have tied up all the jobs I had to do before I left.
The one thing which I’m waiting on right now is a suitcase! I used my frequent flyer points to buy an extra large and hard case to accommodate my studio gear, and despite the promise of a 10 day turnaround, there is no sign of it. I have the award store people chasing it, and they have been great at getting back to me with no news. So being Wednesday, I’m thinking that the bloody thing might not arrive in time.
I am all too aware of my own tendency to stress about things like this. Right now I’m in knots about it, which is a shame because I’d much prefer to be savoring the anticipation of leaving on this trip! The rep who is chasing my suitcase has promised to call me in half an hour. Let’s see if this happens. I may even have a resolution by the time I complete this post.

My subject today is balance. If one thing is obvious to my wife and I presently, it is the importance of balance! In her case, it is a matter of working out what level of work and responsibility makes her feel happy and motivated. We both know that reducing our workload to zilch does NOT work. That goes for both of us! And we both don’t function very well when overwhelmed with too much work. The odd thing is, that when the balance is right, we seem more resilient, and the small things don’t seem to pose a problem in our lives. It is when things go out of control, that suddenly a late paying client, a non-responsive customer, or indeed a late suitcase delivery keeps me up at night.
It’s one thing to KNOW this about ourselves, and it’s another to know what to do about it. We can all repeat mantras in our head, but there has to be action in order to make things change.

Biggest loser is popular in our household. Ok, the game is contrived and in some instances morally questionable, but I enjoy the last few episodes when the morbidly obese people have been transformed into healthy and athletic (all be-it in floppy stretched skin) people. Shannon, one of the trainers said something great the other night. He said “Control the controllable, and let the variables take care of themselves.” I’ve been preaching this myself lately. To me it means surrendering over to those things which are inevitable. If our minds are like RAM in a computer, we take up so much processing space, mulling over things which can’t be stopped, changed or avoided. If we were able to be selective about what we applied our attention to, and purposely only thought about the things in which we can change, improve and solve, imagine how clear minded we would be! Kids seem to do this! How quickly and cleanly can a child switch their attention from one task, mood, person or priority!? Very fast! It is almost comical. I guess if an adult did this, they might be considered to have ADD.

So we are approaching the half hour mark and I haven’t got the call yet! So far I have called about 4 times. You know you are a serial pest when:
1. You press all the appropriate numbers on the dialer to be connected through to the right department before the recorded lady even utters the options.
2. The customer service rep knows you by your first name.

He is being nice to me regardless. I used to work in a very similar position, and it was the policy of the company that the whole point of frequent flyer membership, was make the member feel included and taken care of. I was wondering if this philosophy was still there, and whether someone like me who has spent 22500 points and no cash would be eligible for nice treatment. The jury is still out on that one.

UPDATE: Courtesy call telling me there is no news yet but the manager is on the job! So Richard (the rep) did as he promised, but no resolution! Pain in the arse! I can expect a call any time now. Like so many other times in the past, I am ‘wrestling’ with this and I know that the moment I give up, throw in the towel, surrender, suddenly the issue will sort itself out. Be it a happy resolution or not, a resolution is a resolution. It means I can let it go and move forward.

Haha!!! I am a prophet of the highest order! Speaking of ‘letting go’, the moment I go to the toilet my phone rings! Richard has come through for me. They are sending my suitcase express overnight post! I should have it Friday apparently! Cutting it close, but making it!