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Since arriving I have spent the last 48 hours recovering from a touch of jet-lag. Nothing I haven’t handled before though.
One thing this period has revealed to me, or rather reminded me, is the issue of focussing….keeping one’s eye on the ball.
It’s easy (especially in a university like this one) to be distracted from my purpose. Surrounded in students is actually a little intimidating. I’m not sure why. The tour we recieved yesterday touched on some of the music facilities here at IU, and frankly they were lacking a little. Granted we didn’t actually see the music school this time around. Last time I came to this university we looked through windows of the music school and I saw better facilities. I feel a little ‘rusty’ when it comes to academia, and I guess I am a little worried about being cornered by a music student and questioned. That said I have never really backed away from a music chat, but once or twice I have left feeling totally inadequate, particularly when dealing with other professionals in the industry. I know that these guys were actually trying to knock me out, so I know my fear is unwarranted really.

My computer arrives tomorrow. Quite an impressive turnaround time if you ask me! I am thoroughly looking forward to it. Heaps of software to install, and lots of configuration but I will revel in it all. Let’s hope that everything loads ok, and I am able to run a functional studio. Also let’s hope that inspiration strikes and I can knock out some great music.

I picked up a short film score from a Melbourne client today. It is not 100% confirmed but if the client and agency are happy with the director’s quotes, then I will get the gig and it will actually cover half my airfare over here. I did not really expect to pick up well paid work while here, but it looks as though I am going to get some trickling through. Because I have budgeted to cover everything we do here and all our expenses back home are prepaid, any additional income is a bonus and just means I can relax a little more knowing that life should continue as normal when I return home.

I love it here in the USA. I know that as time goes by, the novelty might wear off, but the sense of calm here in Bloomington, and the friendliness of the locals is like a breath of fresh air. Ok we have forfeited our Summer weather back in Melbourne, but we will soon be seeing Spring here and apparently this is something to behold.
We are staying in one of the oldest buildings here at IU, and parts if it remind me of Harry Potter. The dining hall is high ceilinged, wood panelled, with long bench style seating and tables. Our room is a dorm room, but has been fitted out with TV, DVD, Computer, Fridge, Microwave etc. We also have our own bathroom which is a luxury. We will move in on Friday. I am going to enjoy the novelty of feeling like a resident here without the obligations of a regular student.
Plenty of nice quiet nooks around here to write blogs or read. I am impressed with how well catered these students are here. Our uni’s at home are almost a joke compared to all of this. I joked last night with my wife, that this place is like a resort in many ways. Everything here is free when we get our pass cards. We even get a food allowance. All the libraries, cafes and common areas are open untill midnight. This even exceeds what a lot of resorts offer come to think of it. Our friend who is staff here at IU said yesterday that a lot of people get trapped here……in a good way. I know what she means. I think I could get stuck here too if I ever was offered a job. The perks here are great. Everything you need is provided, usually for free or heavily subsidized.

We are already planning additional trips over the next 2 months. Looks like we are visiting Chicago again for a weekend and stayinf with a friend we met there last time. No complaints here. I am going to have to be careful not to fill up all my time with travel and leisure and neglect the true purpose of this trip….and this blog.

My next post is likely to be the very first on my new Macbook Pro. I’m getting very excited about it. Ahh the simple things!

PAX out.