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We’ve Arrived

Well after an arduous 24hour trip including 4 flights, we arrived in Indiana last night at midnight.
One day in and I have ordered my new Macbook Pro, and tomorrow I hope to pick up my office software.
My wife has checked in to the University and taken care of the mountain of paperwork.

All very exciting!

That suitcase I ordered did show up about 2 hours before the deathknock! Funny thing is that after all the stress, the case was too small to accommodate my keyboard. Turns out that when they measure a suitcase, they measure it DIAGONALLY! So after a brief panic, I discovered that United Airlines accept musical instruments as additional carry-on. Fortunately I had kept the original box which doubles as a temporary carrycase, so I dodged a bullet!

So we are here with everything, tired and a little achy and jet-lagged.
I’m not sure where I am going to set up and work, but there are a few nice comfy places to set up, including our dorm room itself.

Soon I will have some real substantial stuff to say!

PAX out.