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Well we are nearly at the end of week 2. My wife has just left for a conference in Houston and has promised to visit a steakhouse for me. I opted out of this trip, thinking in terms of budget and purpose, but felt a distinct twinge of regret when I heard about the bbq ribs and steaks in Texas. It’s a small price to pay though for some solitude.

I have made a start on some music. As I had predicted, the stuff I have begun with is quite somber. I’m not fighting this. I figure that the part of me that expresses himself through music, is probably a little grumpy right now.

It would seem that if I’m left unchecked, I’m inclined to seek out distractions and excuses for not starting There was a minor issue with my software when I first set up. A large chunk of my sounds would not play in Logic. It turned out to be a simple indexing error (probably because of a terminated install I did on the first day). Before I had discovered the solution, I agonized over this, and it became an epic struggle to solve before I could get down to the business of composing. When that was solved, I suddenly couldn’t sleep at night. I noticed the same tendency with my wife too. When one issue or concern was quelled, she would quickly move to another one, not pausing to enjoy some peace. Yes this is probably an extremely common human condition.

All that said, I did eventually get to making some music, albeit slow at first. Today I plan on making some more progress. And also tomorrow before we jet off to DC for a week.

This will actually be an all out holiday for us. The timing may not suit me so much, but it probably suits my wife perfectly. Her classes have all started and she has finally been able to relax knowing that all her preparation is going to be fine.

So I guess I will officially begin the ‘distraction free’ song/music writing when I return from Spring Break. This is ok by me.

In an attempt to get our sleeping patterns back to normal, we took some ‘off the shelf’ sleeping tablets last night. They are the first I have ever tried. At first I didn’t think they were going to be effective. But I woke vaguely in the middle of the night and discovered I was in a seriously heavy sleep. I couldn’t even be bothered lifting my arms to wipe my eyes. I’m not sure if this will help our body clocks, but I hope so. I’d love to wake up feeling ‘peppy’. No I’m not contemplating buying some ‘uppers’ too. That’s a slippery slope.

Our room is being cleaned at present. So I brought my new laptop out on it’s first trip into the outside world. I have settled in one of the many common areas here at the university. I love it here. The decor is very traditional. Lots of wood panelling, busy patterned carpet, low ceilings. Most of these rooms would make excellent smoking lounges back in the early 1900s.