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We are staying at a friends house for a couple of nights before leaving for DC. Spring Break has officially begun and this means all residents of our dorm are required to move out. Nobody is allowed to stay. We actually didn’t know this before we arrived, so it is fortunate that we arranged this DC trip, not to mention that we have generous friends here who can accommodate us in the interim.

My wife is returning from Houston tonight, so for me it is just  quiet ‘kick around’ day. Our friend took me to lunch at a local bar called ‘Lennie’s’ . Very yummy food. I have fast become addicted to their hot wings. Don’t wish to try and calculate calories at this point.

So as previously mentioned, my music making is on pause untill our return, but I feel good about this. I already have a little collection of ideas which I will mull over some more on our return.

I’m so happy to have my laptop to help me use my time. Plenty of things to do when there is a wifi connection available (which is everywhere here).

There is not much point to this post today, except to check in.

PAX out