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No more distractions!

We had a great time in DC. It was great to catch up with family there and see the sights.

There was a spontaneous change to our schedule when it was suggested we drive to Manhattan for the weekend. As this was only eating into our existing holiday we agreed! All round it was great. We repeated a few of the things we have done in past trips to NYC, like visiting Lady Liberty, climbing the Empire State Building etc as our family had not done this yet. Apart from that it was all new. We ate at Katz deli which is a 120 year old deli in the lower east side. Massive corn beef sandwiches, yet surprisingly easy to eat.

This trip was always going to happen, and it was a hoot! We both returned to IU feeling revived, but also ready for a sense of routine. It has been very topsy turvy lately, and geographically confusing for us. Seeing Australian and Spanish family members in Washington, eating traditional italian and spanish food was bound to screw us up a little.  NO REGRETS THOUGH! IT WAS FANTASTIC!

I have felt a little void of musical inspiration lately. No panic at this stage, but it would be nice to feel the flow of music expression that I recall from the past. Luckily for me I have removed the pressure of obligation. Apart from this blog and the fact that I have promised a new album to family and friends, there are no other expectations. Of course I have full intention of fulfilling this task, but mentally it is nice to know that a major project is not hanging on my delivery.

On that note, I shall open Logic and have a play. Who knows when the tides might turn.

PAX out.