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Old habits…..

Wow this time has flown!

I don’t know exactly how I feel at present. I guess I’m in that pivotal moment between not missing the flight, and missing home. I came here with the intention of creating an album of music, and I am well on my way in this task. But if we were leaving tomorrow, I’d feel very cheated. I have to make sure I don’t allow that to happen for real.
I was just beginning to get onto that creative track last week. I produced the best music since I arrived, and I would even suggest the best production of my career so far. I’m not saying it is finished, but whatever part of me it is that seems to chime in with “This is it!” is rearing it’s head over this one.

I took on another Patrick Studios job on Monday. It has turned out to be 2 monster tracks. I have finished one, but I think I will postpone the next one until next week. I have also provided a quote to a big client back at home. It is not actually for a professional show, but rather for a family wedding. Nevertheless it is an entire music set….25mins of Jewish party music. I offered a significantly reduced rate, because it wasn’t corporate, and also the arrangements are going to be for only a small lineup of instruments. I think once I have set up the template, all the songs should fall together easily.

I called this post “Old habits…” because by taking on these jobs while here, I have let me myself down. It is a habit of mine to always say yes. Earlier on in this trip I was more resolute about this, but getting closer to our return date, I can feel the old anxieties creeping in. The thought of going home to no work is daunting, even though in living memory it has never actually happened. Luckily this wedding gig is not until late May, and he only needs a quote for now. So I dodged a bullet there. It would seem that I won’t have a problem with work when I return.

I’m sorry that I have not added many pictures or music files to this post. It has turned out differently to what I had originally envisaged. Maybe I will start a new blog when I return from here that will attract more traffic. I think I could perhaps run a blog on music production techniques. Who knows.

Well this was a boring and short post. I’m sitting in the smoking lounge again….tantalizingly close to the beautiful grand piano. ….(only in appearance….the thing is out of tune) Our room is being cleaned…at least I hope it is….so this period has become my blogging time. It forces me out of the room.

Maybe more later….

PAX out.