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Final Week in the USA

Right now it feels like a blur.
Lots of ups and downs. Jury is still out on the music that I created. I’m wishing I had one more kind of ‘thing’ included in the compilation, but I’m not sure what that means.
The tracks are all a little ‘nice’, even the ones intended to dance with melancholy. I wonder if what I feel is missing, is a human being. Unlike “Pictures”, all these tracks have been completely programmed. No soloists this time. I guess I will wait and see if that feeling persists.
Not feeling that great lately. It is a little limbo-like at present. I’m the first to jump at the chance to ‘chill out’ when possible, but when we are so limited to what we can do and where we can go, ‘chilling out’ quickly becomes cabin fever. My work for home continues to pile up, which I am happy about. I look forward to bathing in familiarity for a while.
Since my last post, we have been out on dinners, and get-togethers galore! My wife’s exhibition was a hit, and she almost completely sold out. This is lucky because I doubt there is room in her luggage to carry much home with us.
So understandably a huge weight lifted that night for her. I’m so proud of her. Her bosses have both expressed their admiration for her level of productivity and effectiveness.
After the exhibition we all went out for dinner and drinks. I had about 2 too many wines, and turned into a very honest (and probably obnoxious) drunk. I paid for it in the morning… fact all day. My ravenous appetite has still not completely returned since the seediness of that night. I guess it might just help with getting back to the optimum weight.
Well it’s only Tuesday today, so it is the first time I have blogged outside of Thursday for the bulk of my time here. This time is because I can’t tinker with my music, because the power adapter which allows me to use my audio gear, is locked in the Metals department with my wife’s camera battery charger. Luckily my Mac is yet to recieve it’s Aussie plug, so it is independent of the adapter.
I am enjoying this quiet time anyway. If nothing else is has a therapeutic quality. I’m also parked in a different place. Now that we have used up the food credit on our card, we need to use cash, and I had none, so I’ve ventured over to the union building where they have ATMs. The bonus here is they also have nicer coffee in huge cups! It is embarrassing to admit this, but I have also been enjoying their little Pizza Hut kiosk here. It’s a part of their self serve deli. You simply walk up and grab a hot pizza or breadsticks, or BUFFALO WINGS! from a rack and pay for them with your coffee and cake or whatever. A small pizza is only $3.99. 6x wings are $3.99! A cheap and yummy meal really. Not healthy by any stretch, but yummy and available until 11pm every night. If you saw the pissy selection available at our deli in Hogwarts, you’d understand my enthusiasm.
My new website is nearly finished. Just waiting on responses from my brother-in-law who is doing it for me. He has disappeared on me. A little frustrating considering we were hoping to have the new fancy and user-friendly site running before I left for the USA! But never mind. The sales continue to trickle in. Also no word from my jingles. I’m hoping no news is good news. It usually is in these cases.
I can’t catch a break with finding a quiet place to work. Now I am 2 tables away from a dude who is sniffing LOUDLY every 10secs. Get a tissue sport!

OK I moved to another part of the cafeteria, even though I am probably nearly finished. When I encounter people like this, I wonder how many tics and habits I have which are annoying to others. I’d like to think I was socially aware enough to avoid offending or annoying the average person.
We went and watched “Seraphine” the other night. It is a French film about a women living in Rural France in the very early 1900s. They play art-house movies in the Fine Arts building, in their lecture halls. A great idea, and a cheap night out. There were only a handful of people in our screening, and I think this tends to lead to loud talkers. Another gripe, but hey who else reads this blog?
Ok I am going to re-locate again. I am literally on the other side of the room and his sniffing is still loud. Sounds like he is trying to ‘huch’ up his own brain. Sorry to break it to you dude, but I think it came out long ago!

Maybe I’ll try my luck at Collins, or maybe even outside.
Collins it is! I am now in the familiar surroundings of the Collins “smoking’ lounge (as I call it) near the grand piano. As usual this place is nearly empty. It’s a well under-exploited space…..exactly how it should be! I think the whole point of these places is for them to be near to empty. I wish I had a place like this at home. A den would be nice. Who knows what the configuration of our next house will be. I certainly know we will be a lot more particular with things next time.

Well this blog has had almost nothing to do with my music, but it’s all I got right now. Kind of a crappy few days really. Tomorrow we are getting 90min massages. Hopefully that will help.
I’m not sure if I get another opportunity to blog before we return home.
Well as a compelling subscriber-attracting, informative and incite-full blog, this one SUCKS! It has turned out nothing like what I had originally thought. Like so many things, I have learned that even a blog needs to be developed, polished and nurtured. Unfortunately I only gave this thing a small amount of attention on this trip, and never really established the kinds of things I wanted to include in it, like audio and video. I actually know how to implement these things, but had never set up the necessary accounts to do it ahead of time. Lesson learned. One thing that I will be coming home with is a new appreciation for a lot of things.
My wife achieved a bunch of things here which she did not think she could! She doubted herself right up until the exhibition night. Her bosses are happy, and she has delivered on all her obligations with flying colours.
While I don’t feel the same way about my own achievements here, I have still seemingly picked up a few tips from her.
I think that when I return home, I am going to set up (properly) a new blog which will be an instructional one especially about music production and composition (at least the way I do things).

Let’s see what happens.

Pax out.