Month: September 2010

2010 – Album “Christmas With Jamo”

This album was produced by Craig Bryant a few years earlier, and finally released to the public in 2010.

Paul Jamieson’s New Album – “Christmas With Jamo”

Paul’s latest album release is now out! I had the pleasure of producing this album with Paul, and thrilled to say that it is finally available to the public! Click on the album image below to visit Paul’s site for more info. An excellent Christmas gift!!

2010 – Vicmoves

Music and sound production for Vicmoves

Drowning in digits

Maybe it’s me just getting older, but my attitude towards technology is slowly changing. I grew up watching the birth and development of digital music technology and relished the new possibilities. I continue to marvel at the power now available to anybody. The thing that has changed with me is my view of the technology’s…
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Casting Call – The Balinese Princess & The Funky Monkey

I’m arranging and producing the music for thisĀ  exciting new children’s show. Auditions are beginning soon. If you are interested in finding out more follow this link.