Month: March 2011

Customised Backing Tracks

More and more these days the entertainment industry has had to turn to using backing tracks instead of live musicians, usually due to budget constraints and practicality. This is bad news for the musicians out there trying to make a living, but it does open the door of possibilities to many people who do not…
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Keeping Up

I wonder if there were comparable pressures in the days when music was composed by quill and candlelight, to stay on top of the wave of progress. There are the obvious trends that happen in music itself that we producers need to try and stay abreast of, but there is also the matter of keeping…
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New to the Backing Tracks Store – March 2011

Following are the latest backing tracks to be added to the catalogue: “Lucky” – Colbie Caillat & Jason Mraz “Never Never Land” – Jane Monheit “So Many Stars” – Jane Monheit “So Many Stars” (Down 1 semitone) – Jane Monheit “Something’s Coming” (From Westside Story) – Claire Martin “Something’s Coming” (no solo sax) – Claire…
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