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Quality Backing Tracks: made to order

I am commonly asked by performers and managers to “Remove the vocals from a song recording”. This is a misconception. There is no real effective technology that can do this with an existing stereo track. You may have seen the audio editing software, and karoake functions that claim to do this, but they do all kinds of damage to the track. Effectively they just scoop out the middle of the audio track, because this is where lead vocals are usually located in a stereo mix. Unfortunately so is the bass, snare drum, and any number of other sounds and instruments. This software is not discerning, it will remove everything….vocal or not. So you are left with a hollowed out ghost of a track, which often still has remnants of the lead vocal which bled into the left and right of the mix with the reverb, chorus effect or similar.

The long and short of it, is that for perfect backing tracks, there is no choice but to either get your hands on the original production files of the recording, and mute the vocals, or simply have the song re-produced. The latter is what Paxus Productions does. The added benefit is that you can customise the track to suit your needs. We can adjust the key, tempo, name it.

If your internet searches for that elusive backing track have been unsuccessful, contact Paxus Productions to find out our production rates and turn around times.