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Quality Backing Tracks Made To Order

While I spend the majority of my time these days producing arrangements of original music for various purposes, I welcome the opportunity to create re-productions of existing songs for use as backing tracks. Many of the professional singers I work with are asked to perform a specific song for an occasion. These days it is also not uncommon for performers to be given specific paramaters too, like song duration and tempo. Performances at events, or live on TV need to be timed down to the second. It can often be these factors that eliminate the possibility of using an ‘off the shelf’ karaoke track to perform with.

Unless you’re a whizz with an audio editing program, and you are happy to restrict yourself to the existing material, then getting a song arrangement custom built for you is the best solution. It ensures the highest quality, the perfect fit, and a reliable duration every time you perform it. It also sets you apart from the rest.

You may be the most talented singer on the planet, but if you are performing with a shoddy midi file, or trying to sing to a second rate karoake track 2 keys too high for your range, then you are not going to impress anyone.

As a musician first and foremost, I consider my role in these productions as an accompanist. It’s my job to do everything possible to make you shine.

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Craig Bryant