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A new start, a new learning curve

Well it’s been a long time between posts. It’s been a busy year for me on all fronts.

Amongst other upheavals, I have relocated to a beautiful, full blown, pre-existing studio in Balaclava.

This studio was custom built by the guys who built Woodstock Studios, and it is an extremely well designed and thought out facility.

I feel particularly privileged to have this space. As most of my fellow music producers operate out of a spare room, a padded out basement or a back shed, it feels unusually extravagant and indulgent for me to have a full blown studio.

Being first and foremost a musician and not a sound engineer, there are holes in my knowledge and experience in this kind facility. I am savvy enough to be able to join a lot of the dots and work things out for myself, but this is all going to take some time. The studio is completely fitted out with some of the best gear in the world, and being a lover of technology, I would consider it a travesty to not utilize this gear as much and in the best way possible.

I’ve ‘piggy-backed’ my existing system onto this studio system so I can continue to do my work, and intend to slowly merge into it, as I become more and more familiar with it’s wiring, and functionality.