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Creative Freedom

Technology has enabled me to produce music now for over 17 years. I’ve seen the industry transform over and over again. Each new development has meant greater possibilities and more flexibility. We are so lucky to live in an age where such resources are available.
A part of my business is re-producing songs as backing tracks. I’ve picked up a lot of experience and tricks along the way, but gladly the quality of the digital instruments and software has also improved. I’m often required to emulate a recording as old as 60 years, and to do this convincingly requires the use of some very authentic acoustic sounds. Luckily it is possible now to get a reasonably convincing result.
This has highlighted to me just how much creative freedom we have now.
I’m sure in the not-so-distant past, the issue of budget played a far greater part in a composer’s creative process. We of the digital age, can add a beautiful, realistic string section to a track without even needing to worry about the cost of musicians.