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Professional Backing Tracks – Tailored to your voice

Each human voice is as unique as a fingerprint.

When a song is written with a particular singer in mind, the composer and arranger will tailor the song to highlight and showcase the singer’s strengths, such as range, flexibility and rhythm.

So when another singer performs with the exact same arrangement, it is no surprise that often it is not an exact fit.

This may be one of the main problems with performing with karaoke tracks. Although many are made available in multiple keys and tempos, this often compromises the quality of the audio, and the integrity of the arrangement.

There is also the issue of varying levels of quality in production. If compiling a set list, many singers find that they end up with a set which varies in volume, quality and production value. For higher level performers, this simply is not an option.

Paxus Productions has been produced custom backing tracks now for 18 years. They are of the highest quality, both on a musical, and a sonic level. It is assured that every instrument recorded or programmed is always sitting within the natural range of the instrument and every chord is played in the most appropriate inversion for the chosen key. These 2 principals alone make a huge difference to the overall quality.

Contact Craig if you’d like more info about production fees, and turnaround times. Or for those on a budget, check out the online backing track store for pre-existing arrangements.