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We’re Back!

Well it’s been an odd year for all of us. That goes without saying. We are all signing off our emails with “Stay Safe” and the term “uncertain times” is heard daily across the world. 

Unlike so many other artists and businesses, I’ve been relatively fortunate with my situation. As my work can range from music production for advertising and albums, to audio editing and sound-scaping for film apps, it means that my schedule has not been completely cleared by the closing of live shows and the recording component of the business. Also taking a large portion of my orders for music online, means we have remained safe. 

From November 2020, Paxus is back on-site! We wave re-opened the studio, and have been working on various projects. We have adopted a stringent COVID safety plan, keeping all areas of the studio regularly disinfected and properly ventilated. 

It goes without saying that we are excited and happy to be back at the studio, and enjoying working through the backlog of recording sessions that have accrued through the year. 

Here’s to a brighter 2021!