Dropcover – Send My Love (To Your New Lover) – Adele Cover (Dropcover feat. Colorful Blac)

Dropcover – Remedy – Adele Cover (Dropcover feat. Suade)

Dropcover – All I Ask – Adele Cover (Dropcover feat. Alanna & Sheralyn)

Dropcover – Frozen & Joe Jackson & Smash Mouth Mashup (Dropcover feat. Suade)

Dropcover – King – Years & Years Cover (Dropcover feat. Caterina Torres)

Dropcover – A Sunday Kind Of Love – Etta James Cover (Dropcover feat. Tuhonia Tihirahi)

Dropcover – Elastic Heart / Take Me To Church Mashup – Sia & Hozier (Dropcover feat. Alanna & Sheralyn)

Dropcover – See You Again (Furious 7 Movie) Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth Cover (Dropcover feat. Cassandra Ame)

2015 – TVC – “Bloom Pops” – Colorific

Composition and production of this fun jingle.

2015 – TVC – Your Well Being

Composed and produced this jingle for Buchanan Group’s Well Being Campaign