Category: Credits

2013 – “Train Of Thoughts – Almost A Circus” – Peter Gray

I composed and produced the music for Peter Gray’s performance piece “Train Of Thought – Almost A Circus”

2013 – Lalaloopsy

Produced music arrangements for the live show.

2013 – The Magical Pond

As part of the Singapore Innovative Children’s Festival 2013, I composed the soundtrack for this exciting new concept in children’s theatre.

2013 – Album “It’s My Time” – Dennis Earl

Co-wrote, arranged and produced “It’s My Time” with Dennis Earl, to help raise funds for the International Children’s Music Fund project.

2013 – Care Bears Show

Produced some classic tunes from the TV series and wrote some new ones for this fun 30 minute show.

2012 – “The Amazing House” – Season 2

Another 13 underscores for the latest instalments of ¬†ABC’s “The Amazing House”

2012 – “Give Me All Your Luvin'” – Arlene Zelina

Original production of Madonna’s recent release.

2012 – Elmo’s World Tour

Proud to be the composer and music producer for this exciting new touring show!

2012 – “Angelis” The Musical – by Liz Dark

Musical development and arranging for this exciting new musical. Premiering in January 2012 at Dragon Hall, Norwich, Norfolk.

2011 – “You Da One” Cover – Arlene Zelina

Re-invented the hit song “You Da One” for Arlene Zelina. This song was released originally by Rihanna.