Latest Paxus News

My Mind – YEBBA (Peter K)

Recorded Peter K on a stunning rendition of this song. And made a cheeky cameo!

2017 & 2018 Little Kitten App

Very honoured to be commissioned to produce the music and SFX for these awesome Apps. You can download them here: Little Kitten Little Kitten Adventures  

2017 – Bunjil Place – Sound design

Produced soundscape / Score for the opening of Bunjil Place.    

2017 – TVC – Funfields

Teamed up with the talented team at Two Tractors again to turn out this little gem.

In Like Flynn – The Musical

Composed and co-wrote this original Australian Musical with writer Geraldine Paterson and Mezz Coleman.

2017 Book Week 2016 – Super Duper

Another extremely rewarding and fun project with Craig Christie.

2016 Book Week 2016 – Fair Dinkum!

Team Christie and Bryant knock out another fun Book Week Show. This time with an Aussie tilt!

2016 – TVC – Fairylites Dreamstones

A new Ad from Colorific using the familiar theme composed and produced for previous Fairylites products. FairyLites Dream Stones TVC from Two Tractors on Vimeo.

2016 – TVC – VicRoads Matte Plates

Composed and produced this Rap parody for Two Tractors. VicRoads Matte Plates Digital ad from Two Tractors on Vimeo.

2016 – TVC Voost Sport Isometric

Had the pleasure once again of producing music for Two Tractors.