Terms & Conditions

Purchases are non-refundable due to the non-returnable nature of downloads. However, Paxus Productions will honor a refund request, if the track was labelled incorrectly ie: wrong song title or artist.  If you are unsure whether the listed track is right for you, contact Craig for more information about the track. Short samples are also available on request to help clarify any questions about the arrangements.

All tracks are reproductions and have been created by Craig Bryant. They remain the property of Craig Bryant and Paxus Productions. They must not be copied, distributed, resold or swapped. All tracks sold are licensed, and royalties are paid to the original writers and composers.

Copying and redistributing these tracks is illegal and deprives the original artists and Paxus Productions of their rightful income.

New backing track production

Paxus Productions can be commissioned to produce a new backing track of any song. This service is provided on the provision that the track remains the property of Paxus Productions. Paxus grants the commissioner a license to use the track, limited to the purposes established at the time. Paxus then reserves the right to include the new song in the catalogue and make the song available to the public for resale.

If a client wishes to have an exclusive, original arrangement of a song, Paxus can oblige however the full production fee would apply. Contact Craig Bryant for more information about current production fees, and other T’s and C’s.