Music and Sound production

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Music Production and Sound Recording

Paxus Productions is a music and sound production studio based in Melbourne Australia. Headed by Australian composer and producer Craig Bryant, the studio offers a broad range of audio and music related services.

Craig Bryant

Craig has composed and performed extensively since graduating from the Victorian College of Arts in 1992, where he studied both classical and jazz performance. He now provides original music for stage and screen, both in Australia and internationally. Combining his skills in traditional notation with programming and arranging using the latest technology, Craig has developed a truly rich and diverse musical palette.


Original Music

Whether it be for stage, screen, radio or online, Craig can produce it. With over 2 decades of industry experience, Craig has a broad skill set to draw on.

Arranging and Orchestration

With a solid background in traditional orchestration and notation, Craig has lent his services to singer-songwriters, fellow composers and producers all over the world, including David Hirschfelders score for the feature film “Australia”.


Paxus Productions is equipped with a world-class recording studio, perfect for recording vocals or individual instruments. Craig also records VOs for many TVCs and Radio Commercials.

Audio Editing / Sound Design

Craig also produces Sound Design, Foley/SFX and provides editing services for Film, TV, Radio and Stage Shows.

His work can also be heard in corporate videos, TVCs and iPhone and Android Apps.

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